Baker of Seville

Welcome to Baker of Seville

Straight or Curved lame. User Customizable

Baker of Seville

Welcome to Baker of Seville

Straight or Curved lame. User Customizable


About Us

The Baker of Seville bread lame is a new and innovative product designed by a bread baker for bread bakers, both home and professionals

The Baker of Seville lame was designed with the following criteria.

- Secure Blade what would not slip off

- Solid Stainless steel 

- Safe and easy blade change

- Last for life

- Accept standard double edge blades

- Dishwasher safe

- Secure and protective storage case

This Lame meets all of these criteria.

AND NOW - You can configure your lame to be straight or curved in seconds.  No other lame has this feature.  

(personally, I prefer the Straight configuration for the scoring I do)

The Design is now PATENT PENDING!

I sincerely believe that this is the best designed and built Bread Lame on the market today.

If this lame EVER fails to live up to your expectations, contact me and I promise to make it right.  That is my guarantee to you

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My Story

Who doesn't like fresh, homemade Sourdough Bread?  The smell alone is worth the effort.

My baking quest all started when a friend gave me some sourdough starter.  The thought of crusty baguettes and beautiful bread boules was very enticing.  I mean, how hard could it be?  (Harder than I thought, that's for sure)

I had various tools that could be used for baking. I had an old bread maker with a dough setting, a dutch oven (from my sons boy scout days)  and a bench scraper.  Certainly enough to get me started.

I found some great sites on the internet and started learning the basics.

My first loaves were actually edible.  Not great, but not bad either.  I was hooked.

Gradually the bread improved.  My dough handling techniques got better and I felt more comfortable working with higher hydration dough.  This allowed me to play with more recipes.  

It was time to get some new toys (i e  bread baking tools) 

That's when I purchased my first Lame. It was the standard, wood handle (plastic actually) type Lame with the blade that skewers on the metal stick.  I wont use any names, but you know them.  There are many out there and all have  basically the same pathetic design.

I absolutely hated it.  Scoring is hard enough.  It's even worse when the blade shifts or slides off.  I ultimately just held the blade in my fingers.

How could such a simple tool be so poorly designed?  And even worse, how could they ALL be the same.? There were a few that had  secure blades but they were mostly plastic.  Or very pretty and expensive wood lames with only one side of the blade accessible.  I knew I didn't want plastic or wood. 

Why had NO ONE made a better lame in all of these years?

So, I set out to design my own.  Now, just so you know, I don't consider myself an inventor by any stretch.

But I saw this as a challenge.

I started with the criteria that I wanted in a lame.

First and foremost, the blade had to be secure and easily, quickly and safely changeable. And of course, utilize a standard double edge blade.

It had to be solid stainless steel and built to last forever.  No wood or plastic.

I wanted it to be easily cleaned and sanitized.

And lastly, it needed a good quality storage box for protection and safety.

Oh, and it had to be beautiful.

With that criteria in mind, I came up with a conceptual design and made a prototype.  I was off and running.   

I searched for a while and finally found a cutlery manufacturer that specialized in stainless steel that was willing to work with me.   I can tell you, it is not easy to explain to someone why you want to build a tool to hold a razor blade that you don't intend to shave with.

Anyway, we took my initial design prototype and my design criteria and started tweaking for ergonomics, blade stabilization/attachment and manufacturing constraints.

After a couple of iterations, and the better part of a year, I had my first order in hand.  

It met all of my criteria.  I could not have been happier.

And that's how I went from a aspiring home bread maker to a Lame Designer and seller.

(yes, I am a Lame salesman and I've heard all the bad jokes from my friends)

I honestly do feel that this  is the best designed and built lame on the market today.

I am confident that you will feel the same.

Pete - Designer

Baker of Seville

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Why buy the Baker of Seville bread Lame?

Lets Compare


Compare with the other lames on the market.

The Baker of Seville is clearly the best choice

Safe, Secure and easy blade change


No confusing instructions.  


It is also extremely quick and easy to rotate the blade 180 Degrees for full blade utilization

You configure to be A straight or curved blade lame in Seconds


Different scoring requires different tools.  

Some scores are best accomplished with a Straight blade lame and others with a Curved blade.

NOW you can have both in one tool.

See what others are saying


This is the highest rated Lame on Amazon.

Compare the reviews.  People love this lame.

This is the choice of both home and professional bakers.

Safe and secure storage


Lets face it.  It is a razor.  

This is not the tool you want loose in your kitchen drawer.  The hard plastic storage case will protect the lame AND your hands

Everything you need


Best lame on the market based on reviews.

Best design and best material

3 total blades

Safety storage case

Straight or Curved

Fully backed guarantee.

You really cant go wrong.

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